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V60 Dripper & Thermocolor Server Set

185 AED

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Set of V60 dripper and server with thermocolor that tells you the temperature at which you are ready to drink.

The server has a thermocolor print that changes color in response to heat.

The color changes to pink for HOT and blue for ICE depending on the temperature at which you are ready to drink.

Comes with measuring spoons and 40 sheets of paper.  * This is a special item with a limited quantity.



Country of manufacture: Japan 🇯🇵 

Material / component: Dripper / AS Resin

Body / Heat-resistant glass [HARIO Glass®] (HARIO Glass®)

Lid Top / Polypropylene

Silicone Rubber Spoon / Polypropylene

Paper / Natural pulp

*Bottom of the lid is made in Vietnam 🇻🇳   

Includes measuring spoon and 40 sheets of paper

Package: Individual box


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