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Thiago Mini Scale With Wooden Lid 8cm x 8cm

190 AED

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  • Digital kitchen scale adopts invisible LED screen and high-sensitivity touch control, and can read data clearly at any angle without annoying reflection, making your operation more simple and pleasant. The minimalist style is adopted. When it is closed, it will be more like a whole. There is no additional button, and each operation will produce a pleasant and harmonious sound. It is an excellent gift for the kitchen and office.
  • 【ULTRA HIGH PRECISION】Espresso scale is equipped with high precision sensors and liquid measurement technology to provide you with accurate measurement from 0.1g to 3kg. Ideal for liquid volume measurement, cooking food, home cooking, baking and condiment dispensing.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS】Digital coffee scale is constructed with high-quality acrylic and wooden lid from Walnut wood . The appearance of this Bar scale is very suitable for the scene of coffee shops and kitchens. It is very compact,, easy to carry and very durable. Be careful not to let the liquid enter the gap between the machine body and the charging port.


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