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JIBBIJUG Ronin GOLD Pitcher - 380ML

220 AED

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JIBBi is a barista, a coffee roaster and a latte art specialist. She is the founder and chief designer of the popular JIBBIJUG milk pitcher. She is part of the the speciality coffee community, a Sydney based Q-grader, competition judge and a Multi-Award coffee roaster.

Latte art , pitcher , jug , barista space

Alignment & Quality Control

  • As the jugs are made of stainless steel they have their natural tenacity and each part of the process establishes an ongoing tolerance and variance. We do monitor and test to ensure there are the same within the acceptable level of tolerance


  • We also well know that every customer have different ideas and method for checking the alignment or any parts of the milk jug. However at JIBBIJUG we use Paper Metric Scale method to indicate the tolerance in metric units. We believed that the Paper Metric Scale is the best way to check and ensure it is within the acceptable and desired tolerance range rather than judging by visual appearance which may create an incorrect assumption in some way.


  • Super Lightweight at 140 g, helps to enhance the definition of the small leaves and easy move your hand when mixing the milk or create a stronger/ delicate line to make your image more compelling.

  • The perfect size of this spout helps you to control the milk flow and get closer to the surface, even in a tight space.

  • Best for all drawing WLC Patterns into 8 oz cup, all patterns possible!! Great results with a clear small leave line and easy dragging and dropping techniques.

  • Right size for a small cup at 3-8 oz. Small Handle for Female/ small hand


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