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JibbiJug Rohin Black Teflon Pitcher 380 mL

220 AED

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The milk frothing pitcher is made of 304 stainless steel, rust-proof, stain-proof and crash-proof, unbreakable for daily use. Dishwasher-safe & easy to clean with soapy water.
  • HUMANIZATION DESIGN: With eagle nozzle type water outlet design, it is easy to pour and prevent liquid splashing. Cup body and the handle are welded firmly, which is comfortable to hold, anti‑scalding and heat insulation.
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Easy pen drawing Latte art masters LOVE this product as this is a super light jug in the Market.

  • A combination of the Pointed Eagle Spout and a narrow opening is best for producing the compound or tiny leaf patterns.



  • Super Lightweight at 140 g, helps to enhance the definition of the small leaves and easy move your hand when mixing the milk or create a stronger/ delicate line to make your image more compelling.
  • The perfect size of this spout helps you to control the milk flow and get closer to the surface, even in a tight space.
  • Best for all drawing WLC Patterns into 8 oz cup, all patterns possible!! Great results with a clear small leave line and easy dragging and dropping techniques.
  • Right size for a small cup at 3-8 oz. Small Handle for Female/ small hand


  • you buy


Jibbi’s note

  • We have been asked if this design is crooked or not Symmetric by its appearance and feel, but I can assure you that it is designed for more efficient pouring. We have also developed a Mold positioning tool to secure place the handle in the centre ( 1-2mm tolerance)
  • For a symmetric pour the jug grip needs to be aligned from spout to handle, and the cup needs to be tilted centred from start to finish.
  • Since the spout has a unique V-Shaped design a different handling is needed. On a Tulip pour, loop-side happens because the spout is not close enough. Please pour it closer almost touching the surface.
  • Enjoy your Jibbi Jug for years to come we promise our product is fault free. Once familiarised with the jug, you will notice that you have mastered a very useful skill.


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