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Hario Range Server 02 600mL

110 AED

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  • Glass coffee server.
  • Designed to fit 02 size V60 drippers.
  • Made of microwave-safe borosilicate glass.
  • Silicone rubber seal on the lid guarantees good thermal balance.
  • Comes with measurement lines to help brew precise amounts.
  • Capacity: 600mL.

With the Hario Range Server, prepare pour over coffee and serve it in style, at your leisure. It has a capacity of 600mL to serve 2-5 cups at once and is designed to fit 02 size V60 drippers. It will help you extract full-bodied flavour and enjoy original tasting coffee the way you like it. Hario has earned the best reputation for the best quality of glassware. Both the pot and the lid of the server are made from microwave-safe borosilicate glass, using only the finest materials. The lid has a silicone rubber seal which guarantees good thermal balance. And it comes with measurement lines, so you can brew the exact amount of coffee that you require. Perfect for using in cafes or at home to manually brew coffee.


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