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Bottled Water Dispenser System

745 AED

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Description Designed to pump purified water from commercially available liter drinking bottle.

The system will deliver the water under pressure to an individual drinking water faucet , water inlet of refrigerator to the ice maker and drinking water tap and the certain commercial coffee-tea brewers.


When the suction wand is inserted into the 19 liter bottle, it will activate the switch on the end of the wand and turn on the pump. The same switch shut off the system when the bottle is empty.


The wand has a build in back-flow preventer valve that prevents water in the system from flowing back into the 19 liter bottle or spilling while chance bottles.


The heard of system is the pump module that automatically adjusts the flow and pressure to fill an appliance or faucet , and stop automatically.



  • Easiest way to connect this to your filtration kit/espresso machine
  • Float switch for auto shut-off when bottle is empty
  • Built-in check valve to prevent back flow
  • Universal seal cap fits most water containers
  • Compact size for easy mounting
  • Long Life Motor: Ensures years of reliable operation
  • Easy installed



Bottled water dispensing; refrigerator ice maker; coffee brewer, espresso coffee  machine and drinking water faucet water.

Bottled Water Dispenser Dispensing Pump BW1000A in Business Industrial , Restaurant Catering , Bar Beverage Equipment , Water Filtration. coffee shops


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